Murali Jayapala

This Page mainly has information about all that I have done so far; with respect to studies, work and research. Some of the links in this might be old, due to which they may not exist. If you need anything please feel free to contact me.

[2008-2011] Micromirror Based Optical Systems, @ imec, Belgium

Explored the concept of leveraging semiconductor processing technologies into novel vision system components. Particularly leveraging micromirror MEMS based platforms to create optical components like variable focal length lens and a zoom lens using such a lens. Some background here:

[2008-2010] Bioelectronic Computing Systems, @ imec, Belgium

For a couple of years since 2009, I was working on application development for hybrid bioelectronic systems. Hybrid systems comprising of both electronics and biological material has the potential to create efficient systems drawing up on strengths of both worlds. I looked into various aspects of bio-electronic interfacing, especially interfacing with microbial entities. Emergence of a new domain synthetic biology has shown some promising results of how microbes could be synthetically engineered to perform certain functions. Having a systematic design methodology to engineer biological systems is very powerful to create efficient systems, akin to design methodologies in electronics. Microbial fuel cells, Bioelectronic computing are few applications I also looked into in this context. I was also briefly involved in BACTOCOM EU project on biocomputation. Some brief notes about these here:

[2005-2009] Low Power Embedded Systems @ imec, Belgium

Since 2005 to late 2009, I was working on various aspects of low power embedded systems design. More specifically I was working on low power processor architectures, retargetable compilers, software and compiler optimizations for low power and design space exploration. A an overview of this research work can be found in the link below.

Ultra-Low Energy Domain-Speciific Instruction-Set Processors.
Francky Catthoor, Praveen Raghavan, Andy Lambrechts, Murali Jayapala, Angeliki Kritikakou and Javed Absar, Springer 1st Edition XXI 400p hardcover, 2010. [BIB]
[Springer Link]

[2001-2005] Clustered L0 Buffer Exploration @ K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Since August 2001 till March 2005, I was working as a PhD student under Prof Francky Catthoor, Henk Corporaal and Geert Deconinck. The main area of research was Instruction Memory Hierachy Exploration for Low Energy Embedded Processors. Few useful links.

[2000-2001] CRISP: A configurable and Reconfigurable Instruction 
Set Processor @ K.U.Leuven , Belgium

Since October 2000 to August 2001, I was working as a PhD student under the guidance of Prof Rudy Lauwereins . The work was in exploring the idea of reconfigurable instruction set processors, where a processor (VLIW) is tightly coupled with a coarse grained reconfigurable logic. The summary of the research work related to CRISP is given in this link: CRISP Summary.

[2000-2000] Pre-Doctoral @ K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Since March 2000 to September 2000, I was working as a Pre-doctoral student in the Department of Electrotechniek (Electrical Engineering) at Katholieke University of Leuven, in Belgium. In this department, I was working in the group ACCA (Application driven Configuration of Computing Architecture) under the guidance of Prof Rudy Lauwereins . During this period I was doing mostly course work and gave some small presentations related to those. Below are few details about it.

  • Digital Electronics and Processors (HJ03)
  • Design of Digital Integrated Circuits (H220)
  • Languages and Compiler Design (H346)

[1999-2000] Work @ Synopsys(India)

For a brief period of time (about a year), from Feb 1999 to Feb 2000, I was working in an EDA company called Synopsys(India) Pvt ltd. My designation was a Corporate Application Engineer(CAE). I was mainly in the techincal support for some of the EDA tools developed by Synopsys. Some Interesting links are

The Rest are confidential :-)

[1997-1999] Master of Engineering

I did my Master of Engineering in Systems Science and Automation. The main courses that I took were related to, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Image and Video Processing, Stochastic Modelling and Applications, Data structures and Algorithms and Computer Architectures. This was done in one of the premier institute in India called, Indian Institute of Science(IISc) In this Institute I did my course work in the Computer Science and Automation (CSA)Department. Also, I did my project/thesis in the MultiMedia Systems Lab(MMSL) which is in the Super Computer Education Research Center(SERC). My project was related to Video Processing. It was an evaluation of how H.263 video decoder/encoder engine performed when Wavelets are used instead of the conventional DCT/IDCT. This course was roughly a 2 year course(1997 to 1999). Some interesting Links.

[1993-1997] Bachelor of Engineering

I did my Bachelors degree(BE) in Electronics and Communication , from Karnataka Regional Engineering College, now called National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK). This is located near Mangalore, India. Out there, I did courses mainly related to Communications, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing and Engineering Mathematics. The course was for about 4 years (1993 to 1997).