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Published on: August 20, 2023

Many articles and books have been written about: doing things slowly, being idle, importance of being bored (to be creative) and other virtues of spending quality time. Came across another interesting article around this theme. Talks about the question “What is time for? How would we spend our time if we weren’t busy?”

Few snippets from the article

“The leisure that is necessary for human beings is not just a break from real life, a place where we rest and restore ourselves in order to go back to work. What we are after is a state that looks like the culmination of a life.”

“Leisure requires cultivation – cultivation of habits and of communities that help to form habits. The pursuit of leisure requires this effort because we resist it. “

“Leisure turns out to be an interior discipline. It is not enough to simply choose a central life activity that is intrinsically leisurely. One must recognize the good of leisure and seek it out. “

Read more about the examples of contemplative leisure and how we sometimes fear pursuing being in such states: [The link]

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