Predictable critiques of any new Technology

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Published on: October 5, 2010

Any new technology faces criticisms, they are often predictable and go through phases. Here are some common criticisms in order.

1. What the hell is it good for?
2. Who wants it any way?
3. The only people who want this innovation are dubious or privileged minorities
4. Its only a fad, it will not last very long
5. This will not change things one bit [invention is only a fancy gadget with no practical consequences]
6. This is not good enough… it costs too much
7. Those weaker than I am can’t handle it!
8. Etiquette. Its bad manners to use it here [cell phones are NOT to be used in trains]
9. If the new technology has to do with thinking, writing or reading, then it will most certainly change our techniques of thinking, writing or reading for the worse

A very interesting article describing these critiques with various interesting tit-bits from history. Must read….
More of this article here: [The Link]

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