Photography Tutorial: Composition

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Published on: January 3, 2011

An 8 part series on composition in photography. Excellent video Below.
Here is the summary.

  • part1: Composition
    • “It the arrangement of the parts of a work, so as to form a unified harmonious whole”
    • “It is the artists way of directing the viewers vision in a planned de-randomized fashion”
  • part2: Distractions and Attractions
    • Bright areas, high contrast, color contrast, area of sharpness (eyes for animals/people), colors in monochromatic space
  • part3: Elements of Composition
    • Lines, textures, contrast, movement, positive and negative space
  • part4: Subject Placement
    • Golden mean, rule of thirds/horizontal lines, proper balance (weight), framing, (as)symmetry
  • part5: Different lenses
    • UWA, Normal, Telephoto: Foreground (uwa) or Background (tele) emphasis
  • part6: DoF, Shutter Speed, Movement
  • part7: Positioning and Camera Location: Move your feet/tripod/camera
  • part8: General tips/hints
    • For portraits: Keep eyes sharp, use less distracting background, keep face out of center of the frame, dont be afraid to crop the top of head, beware of cropping at joints
    • For general photography: Wait for the right moment, shoot both horizontal and vertical, keep eye out for tight mergers (intersections), run border patrol, know power of lines in photos, use depth of field button
  • Most importantly, learn these rules and break them! Composition is a life long practice…

Perfect Photography Composition – Part 1 of 8 from Joe Bloggs on Vimeo.

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