A Surveillant Society

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Published on: July 4, 2011


With most people carrying some kind of camera that can capture video (mobile phones, compact cameras…etc) are we going towards a surveillant society? An interesting article from TechCrunch on this issue. When taken to its logical conclusion… the article summarizes as follows:


“It’s not an idea that’s easy to get used to, but neither was the idea of widespread instantaneous photography in the late 19th century. The fact is it’s happening, and to pretend otherwise only retards progress. In 10 years, the idea that you’re not being recorded at all times when outside your home (in any populated area, anyway) will be as quaint as the idea now that you can maintain any kind of meaningful anonymity while availing yourself of modern banking, social internet, and mobile phones. A world where fear of persecution, accident, and injustice are unfounded is a fine dream, but that’s not the world we live in, nor the world we’re approaching. Our society will be a surveillant society; it’s up to us to make that a virtue, and not just another fear.”

Hmm.. I am not sure I can warm up to such a scenario.


More of the article here: [The Link]

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