Newsletters: literary genre?

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Published on: July 8, 2021

An interesting perspective on emergence of newsletters. Newsletters from companies, brands and other thinktanks or consortiums are more common. However, newsletters from artists, novelists and other writers is something different and also perhaps new? Below is a link to an interesting article about this. Also some snippets from this article


“The Sound of My Inbox The financial promise of email newsletters has launched countless micropublications — and created a new literary genre”


“Newsletters vary in subject as widely as, for example, books do, and their authors may be cryptocurrency investors or indie musicians. What they share is the direct personal appeal of special delivery. They require the self-confidence involved in making this appeal to dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of strangers. A newsletter reshapes a writer’s relationship to their readers. The first-person informality that has been present since the earliest days of web writing achieves its business apotheosis in the newsletter: from personal essay to personal brand”


More about this here: [The Link]

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