Some predictions for 2050

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Published on: October 31, 2021

Futurists are drawn to the sensational and the unlikely: brain uploading, magnetic floating cars. But the actual future will be more like today’s world. Here is an interesting list of predictions for the future by 2050. Some of them seems more US centric, but an interesting read nevertheless:

Technology related

  • There will be Martian colony
  • Marketization of everything
  • AI will be most futuristic impactful change in day-to-day life
  • supersensorium (supermarket like experience of entertainment) will grow
  • A mostly storeless society
  • Education will take place mostly online
  • Genetic engineering of embryos to avoid disease will have become common
  • Anti-aging tech will extend the health-spans of the rich


  • Huge improvements to standards of living
  • Families will continue to decline in importance
  • The future really is female
  • The rise of the throuple
  • A minority-led country

Political changes

  • The world will not war
  • The age of the mob will spur domestic turmoil
  • Soft totalitarianism will become the norm
  • People and culture will become boring


More of this here: [The Link]


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