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Published on: March 12, 2022

An interesting article from on the growth of science of art. What can we learn from digitizing, coding and using algorithmic tools on database of items and paintings and other art.

Few tools and methods taken from different fields of science: probabilities, evolutionary principle, genealogy trees, networks and others. Interesting lis t of projects are also mentioned in the article.

“…For now, as always, it is humans who find meanings in the world and science is just a way of testing their truth. All that is required for the use of science, or any other rational method of investigation, is a consensus that those interpretations not be solipsistic and equivocal, but public and falsifiable.”¬†

“…The prospect of a science of art is, to me, dazzling. When I consider it I feel as Aristotle must have felt when he stood upon an Aegean shore and saw, for the first time, that living things might be the objects of science. A small shift of perspective and virgin vistas appear.” Art as objects of science…

More of this article here: [The Link]

[DOI: 10.37282/991819.22.16]

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