Utopia and Dystopia Are Twins—Both Are Born Out of Criticism

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Published on: July 18, 2021

… “But it is only Utopia that allows us to dream together.”
An interesting article about talking about Utopia in political/social movements. Most blue prints of Utopia have been distorted and lead to disastrous outcomes. However, efforts to describe possible social conditions is important to make progress. See also recent documentaries by Adam Curtis talks about this – how absence of thought on how we should organise ourselves, has lead to current systems of power, which is not necessarily to the benefit of majority of people in society.

Few excerpts from the article here..” [Fredric] Jameson saw this cramped, blighted imaginative inability to conceive of positive systemic change as one of the hallmarks of postmodernism.”

..”The utopian impulse exists to spark discomfort with the status quo and agitation.


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