Impact of sterotyping ourselves..

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Published on: April 6, 2008

An interesting article from Scientific American about “How Stereotyping yourself contributes to your success (or failures)”

People’s performance on intellectual and athletic tasks is shaped by awareness of stereotypes about the groups to which they belong. New research explains why— and how we can break free from the expectations of others.

Here are some key concepts from the article:

Sterotypes and Success

  • Faults in performance do not necessarily signify a dearth of skills or abilities, social scientists have found. Instead the failures may arise from awareness of stereotypes that others hold about the groups to which we belong.
  • Social identity research examines not only how we both take on (internalize) and live out (externalize) identities that are shared with our peers but also how these things can change.
  • This research can help us identify ways of responding to others’ stereotypes so that human talent and potential are not squandered. Although stereotypes can promote failure, they can also lift a person’s or group’s performance and be tools that promote social progress.

More of this here: [The Link]

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