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Published on: September 14, 2023

Many interesting items are becoming (have become) non-physical (books, art, music streaming…) and meaning of ownership has changed significantly. Often I wonder what I should do with all the books I have in my shelf and all the old music CDs I still own (haven’t got around to relinquishing them). Just came across an interesting article that talks more about this phenomena and specifically about keeping some certain cultural archives safe and what it means w.r.t the laws.

An interesting snippet towards the end of the article: ”
The good news is that so many people have now joined the preservation fight, either deliberately or accidentally: The more distributed the effort, the less brittle and more resilient it will be. Like those music-swapping networks of the ’90s, this web of preservationists is neither entirely online nor entirely offline. That’s good too: If physical copies let you hang onto something when a stream is altered or removed, digital copies let you almost costlessly save and transmit items that otherwise would be scarce. I don’t know the best way to keep our collective cultural archive alive, but I’m pretty sure it will involve an intricate interplay between the physical and the digital, not just one or the other.

More of this here: [The Link]

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