[McKinsey] Principles for an R&D organization

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Published on: August 25, 2020

How to organize an R&D team/department? There is not one answer, depends a lot on industry, culture, type of product, ..etc. An interesting article from McKinsey on some useful principles/guidelines.

  • Clearly delineate responsibilities for systems and end-to-end work
  • Keep functional interfaces across work sites to minimum
  • Synchronize software and hardware development
  • Strike balance between old and new technologies
  • To be future-read, adopt new ways of working

More of this here: [The link]

EEtimes: interdisciplinary integration (projects+teams)

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Published on: August 9, 2020

An interesting conversation with Yole ceo about current trends in product development in semiconductors (ee design in general). Few snippets below

“..Meanwhile, product development is becoming exceedingly complex, both because multiple processes must occur in parallel, and also because many new products require disparate technologies combined in new ways. So agile companies commonly form teams that bring together specialists with distinct areas of expertise, and it is sometimes a challenge to get them to speak the same language to solve engineering problems at the intersection of different disciplines. ”


” Eloy: Companies try to hire people with the competencies that they lack, and interesting discussions start between people who just don’t understand what the other is talking about. They use the same words, but their meaning differs.

Integration is essential to collaboration, and multidisciplinarity is an essential contribution. If you put one person in the optics department, the other in the electronics department, you are dead, because they will stay in their own silo and not work together. It’s important to show teams working together, solving issues together, never bowed by the challenge of integrating photonics with electronics or whatever. “

“By putting together people with different backgrounds on the same project, you give them the same goal and help them work together. Not on big projects but on small projects where they can have fast results, and move from one success to the other success. It’s more rewarding than trying to climb a mountain where everybody gets exhausted after two weeks. Being successful together instills a team spirit.”

More of this here: [The Link]

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