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Published on: October 27, 2009

In a recent edge.org article/video interview, German journalist Frank Schirrmacher gives an overview of what it means to be living in an age of informavore (originally attributed to George Miller, popularized by D. Dennet, S. Pinker and others). What are the consequences …etc. It is certainly an interesting read.

A small snippet from the interview:
As we know, information is fed by attention, so we have not enough attention, not enough food for all this information. And, as we know — this is the old Darwinian thought, the moment when Darwin started reading Malthus — when you have a conflict between a population explosion and not enough food, then Darwinian selection starts. And Darwinian systems start to change situations. And so what interests me is that we are, because we have the Internet, now entering a phase where Darwinian structures, where Darwinian dynamics, Darwinian selection, apparently attacks ideas themselves: what to remember, what not to remember, which idea is stronger, which idea is weaker.”

More about this here: [The Link]

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